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      1. 簡體中文

        Club Introduction 球會介紹


        美國球場設計師Rick Jacobson先生運用原生態的地質地貌,設計了月光球場和月球球場2個風格迥異的世界錦標級球場。其中,月球球場全長7,242碼,是唯一一個在世界自然文化遺產——丹霞地貌上所建的球場。林克斯風格的長草、忠于傳統的沙坑,再加上設計師為球場精心挑選的剛勁有力的松樹,使整個月球球場融匯在充滿陽剛之氣的丹霞紅石之中。月球球場曾榮獲《高爾夫》雜志“2015-2016中國十佳球場”、 “2013-2014中國十佳高爾夫球場”、“2013中國金牌高爾夫度假村”、“2012中國十佳高爾夫球場”,《高爾夫大師》雜志“2013-2014十佳球場”、“2013-2014中國十佳高爾夫度假球會”、“2011十佳球場”、“2011十佳高爾夫俱樂部”,《高球假期》雜志“2012十佳非凡高爾夫球度假村”、“2010熱選新球場”大獎,《中國高爾夫》雜志“中國十八名場”,“2009中國******球場設計”大獎。月光球場則是花香四溢、綠樹蔭蔭,精剪的球道、蒼翠繁茂的草地以及潔白細沙的巨型沙坑,盡顯柔美一面。兩大球場剛柔相濟,交相輝映。

        兩個球場的發球臺、球道和果嶺統一種植名為‘Platinum TE’ paspalum的草種,保證了競技條件的一致性和整體觀感的統一性。

        Lion Lake Country Club is one of the most recognized golf facilities in South China, which features a three-story, 15,000 square-meter Southern California-style clubhouse, equipped with a Golf Pro-shop, two restaurants specializing in Chinese and western cuisine, six private dining rooms, grand ballroom and a full-service spa. The facility also includes a 3,500 square-meter Driving Range.

        Mr. Rick Jacobson, the American Course Architect, designed two totally contrasting championship courses with the natural landscape. Moon Course, measuring 7,242 yards, is the only one golf course in the world built on the world natural and cultural heritage, Danxia Landform, which has been voted as “2015-2016 China Top 10 Golf Courses”,“2013-2014 China Top 10 Golf Courses”, “2013 China Golden Golf Resort” and “2012 Top 10 Golf Courses” by Golf Magazine. “2013-2014 Top 10 Golf Courses”, “2013-2014 Top 10 Golf Resorts” , “2011 Top 10 Golf Courses” and “2011 Top 10 Golf Resorts” by Golf Digest. “2012 Top 10 Most Outstanding Golf Resorts” and “2010 Best New Golf Club” by Golf Vacation. “2009 Best Course Design in China” and “18 Prestigious Golf Courses” by China Golf. Moon Course is an unrefined quasi-inland links course that features Links-style grasses, pine and juniper plantings, and classic bunkers with native grass eyebrows. Red rock outcroppings define the course’s dramatic visual character and are utilized as a design element throughout all 18 holes. In contrast to Moon Course, Moonlight Course has a highly manicured look with a lush tropical landscape and huge white bunkers with long flowing lines. While both courses at Lion Lake represent two different styles, each course utilizes the areaundefineds natural surroundings and unique water features to bring them together in harmony.

        The two courses feature the same type of "Platinum TE" paspalum grasses on the Tees, fairways and greens, giving true consistency throughout the courses.

        Court Reservation 球場預定

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